Alfa effectuates the Turkish leg of various qualitative and quantitative studies in collaboration with foreign research companies.
International Research Companies we collaborate with:
Adelphi International Research, U.K.

Arnold & Bolingbroke Ltd., U.K.

Brulé-Ville Associés, Institut d’Etudes de Marché et d’Opinion, France

European Data & Research Ltd., U.K.

Headlight Vision, U.K.

IPSOS, Italy

Jigsaw Research, U.K.

Market Response, U.S.A.

Optem, France

Pharest, France

Research International, U.K.

Sommer Research GmbH, Germany

Taylor Nelson Sofres, U.K.

The M/A/R/C Consulting Group, U.S.A.

QualiData Research Inc., U.S.A.






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